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About Boyte Medical

Consulting Group, LCC

We are a medical consulting company that specializes in procuring investments and providing unique funding solutions to medical services providers. Our core practice is to provide medical practitioners of all specialties funds with which they can enhance their financial situation, provide opportunities for them to provide patients with superior medical services, procure new equipment, expand human power and physical facilities, and carry out all the enterprises a developing medical practice needs to undertake to flourish and grow.
Boyte Medical Consulting Group funding converts Medicaid and Healthcare bills or HMO-PPO insurance bearers into cash. Our action words are; Swiftly, Simply and Safely. We have made it our primary responsibility to offer our clients a simplified financing process which includes: free analyses of their A/R, no credit checks, a choice of multiple financing offers, quick advance, and no obligation. Therefore, more than 100,000 clients have gone through our financial market place and have had life-changing experiences with our network of investors and our patent-pending funding infrastructure. We are committed to providing our clients with multiple offers in the shortest amount of time while demanding little in terms of information from them. We are also dedicated to providing support throughout and after the financing process.
Contact us today to discuss how we can work together to assist and support your medical practice. It is the best way to ensure your practice thrives and you are able to provide your patients with the utmost medical care. Many of our medical providers have utilized these services repeatedly and have been extremely pleased with our service. We are more than just a medical funding company; we go the extra mile and collaborate with our clients in understanding their practice and providing thorough support through every phase of the funding process and thereafter. We are happy to provide a FREE CONSULTATION and there is NO OBLIGATION at all.