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What is No-Fault Insurance

Our company offers no fault medical funding to providers in the following 12 states: Florida Michigan New Jersey New York Pennsylvania Hawaii Kansas Kentucky Massachusetts Minnesota Utah North Dakota These states have automobile insurance laws that require insurance companies to pay for policy holders’s financial losses regardless of who caused the accident in order to […]


Doctors as Entrepreneurs

Recently, we had dinner with a good friend who invented and recently started marketing an innovative technique for fertility testing. One of the most unique characteristic that struck us about our friend is how willing and eager he was to engage with the entrepreneurial aspect of medical practice as he brought his invention to the […]


The Three Keys to Success

Today, I attended the graduation ceremony at Mississippi College School of Law.. The graduation speaker, Magistrate Judge Michael Parker of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Mississippi, delivered an eloquent speech that would have both inspired and motivated any new graduate to be the very best that they could be. In his […]


The HIPPA Agreement

We attended a continuing medical education (CME) session on Friday, May 6 in Biloxi, MS. The CME was organized by the healthcare practice of Watkins & Eager. One of the issues that was discussed at the session was the significance of the HIPPA Agreement that health care professionals sign with their business associates whenever protected […]


Medical Legal Partnership

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We attended the Medical Legal Partnership Learning Session organized by the Mississippi Access to Justice Commission, the Mississippi State Department of Health, the Office of Health Disparity Elimination, and the Mississippi Center for Justice on May 4 at the University of Mississippi Medical Center. One of the issues that was presented at the session was […]

Bienvenido & Welcome

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