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The Three Keys to Success

  • By:Alina Ng Boyte
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Today, I attended the graduation ceremony at Mississippi College School of Law.. The graduation speaker, Magistrate Judge Michael Parker of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Mississippi, delivered an eloquent speech that would have both inspired and motivated any new graduate to be the very best that they could be. In his speech, Judge Parker laid out the “3 keys to success” that would make a person successful, and more importantly, happy in life:

1. continuous learning: people who are successful never rest on their status quo and continue to learn throughout their lives. They possess the ability to acquire new skills and adapt to change in new situations. They remain a student for life even as they leave their alma mater and enter the classrooms of real life.

2. kindness to others: people who are successful are kind even when circumstances or people evoke indignation. They extend a helping hand to friend and foe and choose to see the best in people and events. Kindness to truly successful people does not mean a lack of passion, fortitude, or determination. On the contrary, successful people know that it takes real strength to extend kindness.

3. be a person of integrity: people who are successful have integrity and never compromise their principles. They set standards for themselves and hold on to them. They never waver on the principles they set for themselves and they expect others to respect their moral code. They are both ethical and respectful of others.

Judge Parker’s comments resonated with me and got me thinking about how doctors and attorneys who specialize in workers compensation and personal injury cases can embody these 3 keys of success in their professional and personal lives. I am reminded of an article that was posted on Linkedin by Toby Cosgrove, MD, , the Chief Executive Officer and President of the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, which indicated that these keys of success applies to every profession and business across the board. In his post, Dr. Cosgrove identified 4 behaviors that define healthcare leadership to be: leading through change, demonstrating character and integrity, fostering teamwork, and developing ourselves and others. The very qualities that make a medical practitioner successful and happy appear to be the very same qualities that make a lawyer, businessperson, or entrepreneur successful and happy in their personal and professional lives. In the medical funding business, we need to be guided by the same 3 keys of success that Judge Parker presented to the graduating class of 2016 or the 4 factors that Dr. Cosgrove spoke about in his post to ensure that professionals in the business are guided by certain ethical principles and conduct themselves with integrity. Ultimately happy and successful professional in the business make a thriving business market.

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